Plastic Surgeons Pick Makeover


Five out of 10 plastic surgeons (51%) agreed that ABC's Extreme Makeover has had the most positive effect on public perception of their work, while only 19% said the show has had a negative effect.

All 4,000 surgeons polled by Medical Publisher Castle Connolly say that there is a growing interest in cosmetic surgery, in part due to the current spate of TV shows on the subject.

Extreme Makeover's 51% positives was a winner by a mile, or a smile, among the four shows in the poll, with Fox's The Swan getting the next most votes at 19%.

Cable's cutters didn't cut it, with FX's Nip/Tuck getting only 6% positives and HBO's I Want a Famous Face 5%. One comment from a surgeon polled suggests that Nip/Tuck may just be too hip for the operating room. "It's so ridiculous, it is a parody. But as a parody, I like it," said one doctor.

Getting the most negative impact assessments (the other categories were neutral and no opinion) was Nip/Tuck at 54%, followed by Famous Face at 49%, The Swan at 39% and Extreme Makeover.

One concern with all the shows was that they might make scalpels look like cake knives. "The biggest problem is that people think that surgery is just a piece of cake," says Dr. Barry M. Zide of NYU Medical Center. "It's not that simple."