Philly's RCN picks up Anime Network


Cable MSO RCN Corp. has agreed to offer Anime Network as part of its "Impulse On
Demand" video-on-demand service for digital-cable customers in Philadelphia starting June 1.

Anime will start off with 25 hours of programming in four genres
-- action, science fiction, martial arts and comedy -- "refreshed at periodic

Titles include Samurai X, Noir, Neon Genesis and
Those Who Hunt Elves.

For those hunting for a definition of anime, the network reminds us that "it
can be recognized by its distinctive aesthetic, the complexity of its
characters, its elaborate, highly serialized stories and its often-biting
satirical humor." Translation: If you were thinking Speed Racer and
Kimba, think again.

The network launched in late 2002 and is being sold as a 24-hour network, as well
as a VOD offering.