Philips brings set-tops inside


Philips Consumer Electronics Co. has introduced a new interactive-television technology called "Intelligent Bolt-On Plus (IBO+)," designed to bring interactive platforms
off the set-top box and into the set.

Sets featuring the technology are expected to be introduced by Philips in

Gabriele Rizzi, marketing segment manager, global consumer segment for
Philips Semiconductors, said that in the long run, the digital services that
can be offered on set-tops will find their way into the TV.

This development is a step in that direction. Rizzi said IBO+ is the
basic hardware platform, and it can run different types of software.

Philips will sell it with the software, but other software companies will be
able to develop for the platform.

The Philips technology is based on the company's "Nexperia" semiconductor
platform, built on the Digital Video Broadcasting Multimedia Home Platform standard.

MHP supports electronic program guides, information services and electronic-commerce

The company's "Euphoria" software platform, with a suite of interactive
applications, is also part of the system.