Pew Study: Mainstream Media Representation In Washington Declining

Report says that niche publications more fully cover Congress and other important arm of federal government

Posted at 3:39 p.m. ET

Mainstream media representation in the Nation's Capital continues to decline, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism.

Some of those ranks have been replaced by the rise in narrowly focused, niche publications. "Today, it is the niche, not the mainstream media that blanket coverage of Congress and other important arms of the federal government," the report concludes, though it includes Bloomberg among those niche operations.

For example, the study found that the number of local TV and radio stations with access to stories and feeds from Washington news bureaus has dropped 37% since the mid-1980's (from 146 stations to 92 stations).

In addition, the number of news executives, correspondents and anchors from ABC, CBS and NBC is half of what it was in the 1980's (61, down from 11).

Those cutbacks are not mirrored by the foreign press. The number of overseas reporters now working in Washington has incresd almost tenfold in the past 40 years.

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