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Liguori saves Arrested, and skeds a dozen comedies

Coming off its first year on top of the ratings race in 18-49s, Fox will look to defend its title with a comedy-heavy fall schedule that also features five new dramas and two new sitcoms, but not a single new unscripted series.

The fall lineup boasts 12 comedies (none of the other Big Four networks have more than six), with the venerable Saturday-night block of Cops and America’s Most Wanted representing the staple reality offerings.

As usual, Fox’s fall schedule is a tap dance around baseball playoffs; it then reshapes itself when anchors American Idol and 24 return in January.

Obviously, one of the most talked-about moves is the return of Arrested Development, leading off Mondays at 8. “The decision was based on this: quality, quality, quality. I recognize that putting it on at 8:00 is pretty much a bold, audacious move,” says Fox Entertainment President Peter Liguori. Arrested gives way in January when returning House moves there.

What’s Next:

Prison Break (drama, Mondays at 9): A man gets himself incarcerated to help break his death-row inmate brother out of jail. Slotted to run until the rejuvenated 24 resurfaces in January. From 20th Century Fox, Adelstein-Parouse Productions, Original Television

Bones (drama, Tuesdays, 8): Drama based on a real-life forensic anthropologist who studies victims’ remains to solve crimes. From 20th Century Fox

Head Cases (drama, Wednesdays at 9): Starring Chris O’Donnell as a hot Los Angeles lawyer trying to put his personal and professional life back together. From 20th Century Fox

Reunion (drama, Thursdays at 9): Follows The O.C. Mystery about a high school class; each episode reveals one year. From Warner Bros. and Class IV Productions.

The Gate (drama, Fridays at 9): San Francisco gumshoe, from CSI alum Josh Berman. From Regency Television

The War At Home (comedy, Sundays at 8:30): A couple crazed from raising teen kids. From Acme Productions and Warner Bros. Television

Kitchen Confidential (comedy, Monday, 8:30): A New York chef rebuilds his career. From 20th Century Fox, New Line. and Darren Star Productions Inc.

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That ’70s Show

The OC

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Kitchen Confidential


Malcom in the Middle


The War At Home


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