Pepsi Blue makes debut on MTV


Pepsi-Cola North America introduced its Pepsi Blue soft drink on MTV: Music Television's live Video Music Awards Thursday night with a commercial starring
rap-rock group Sev.

The spot -- shot on the same set as the video for Sev's hit single, "Same Old
Song" -- is themed "It's the Mix."

A second Pepsi Blue spot will break in September, featuring funk-rocker Papa
Roach, again using the same set as the act's video (for upcoming single "Time
and Time Again," to be released Sept. 10).

BBDO Worldwide New York is the agency.

Meanwhile, Pepsi pulled another spot that was to run on the awards show,
starring rapper Ludacris. Fox News Channel reported that Pepsi did so after Bill
O'Reilly blasted the soft-drink marketer on The O'Reilly Factor for
hiring a rapper whose songs are about intoxication and degrading