Peacock Ponders Earnhardt 'S-Word'

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At press time, NBC had said all it planned to say about Dale Earnhart Jr.'s on-air expletive following his NASCAR victory Sunday.

Earnhardt took the checkered flag in the EA Sports 500 at Talladega, a race that aired on NBC, then let slip a four-letter word--"this don't mean s--t"--in an interview on NBC.

Bill Weber, play-by-play commentator, immediately said: "Certainly our apologies for his enthusiastic language."

NASCAR was deciding whether to fine the racer or deduct points from him, saying it would weigh in Tuesday or Wednesday.

NBC caught, well, a lot of flak, from the FCC for an inadvertent F-word from Bono on an awards show. The commission has since put language squarely in its indecency enforcement sites, one reason communications attorneys are advising broadcasters to start delaying broadcasts.