Peacock Plays for HomeTeam


Litton Entertainment has found homes for HomeTeam with Troy McClain on seven NBC-owned stations, including ones in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, bringing its total clearances to about 60% of the country.

The syndicator says it hopes to shortly announce deals in New York and Chicago. HomeTeam is a weekly show set to debut in the fall that looks like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, itself  an homage of sorts to cable's slew of home makeover shows.

Each week, McClain gives a family a 10% down payment on a home and a chit for the first year of mortgage payments. Then, McClain spends three days helping friends and relatives put the finishing touches on the residence. Litton is selling 26 hour episodes for barter (stations give up ad time rather than paying cash).

Litton has already struck deals with WCVB Boston and WSB Atlanta, as well as a multi-station contract with Sinclair.