Peacock outpoints Fox


NBC edged out Fox for a prime time ratings victory among adults 18-49 last week, largely on the strength the Golden Globes awards on Sunday night.

NBC hit a 9.9 rating, 22 share on the awards show, drawing 22.3 million viewers. Meanwhile, Fox appears to have found a emerging ratings monster of its own in its Temptation Island reality series, which scored a 9.6 rating, 23 share on Wednesday night. NBC finished the week with an average rating of 5.6 among 18-49ers, to Fox's 5.4.

NBC also took the week in total viewers, averaging 13.1 million, with ABC second, averaging 12.1 million viewers, and CBS and Fox close behind with 11.5 million and 10.7 million viewers, respectively. - Richard Tedesco