PBS Wins Nine News and Documentary Emmy Awards

CBS Tops Commercial Broadcast Networks with Five

PBS took home the lion’s share of the News and Documentary Emmy Awards.

The public broadcaster earned nine statuettes in total including four for Frontline: Iraq: Saddam’s Road to Hell; Libya: Out of the Shadow; Sex Slaves; and The Lost Year in Iraq. Frontline -- which celebrates its 25th season in January -- and P.O.V. were also honored with a Special Award for Excellence in Television Documentary Filmmaking.

CBS took home the most awards among the broadcast networks with a total of five, all but one of them for 60 Minutes. Ed Bradley’s segment about the Duke lacrosse rape case -- one of the newsman’s last reports before succumbing to cancer in 2006 -- as well as Mike Wallace’s interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, one of the first sit-downs by a Western journalist with the controversial Iranian president, were among the 60 Minutes segments honored.

Lara Logan won the other statuette for CBS News for continuing coverage of a news event for her reports from Ramadi, Iraq, Ramadi: On the Front Line.

NBC News won three awards including one for Ann Curry’s Nightly News report on the genocide in Darfur.

Discovery Channel won three awards including one for Emmy Lifetime Achievement honoree Ted Koppel's documentary, Iran: The Most Dangerous Nations.

HBO won two awards.

ABC’s Brian Ross took home the only Emmy for ABC News for his expose on the Mark Foley page scandal.