PBS FETCH!'s New Kids Show

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WGBH is producing a new show for the PBS Kids Go! block.

The people who brought you Arthur and Postcards from Buster, among many others, is getting into the reality biz with 20 episodes of a new kids show.

"Who says reality bites?," WGBH asks. [We're] out to prove that, in fact, reality barks."

The show is called FETCH!, which WGBH says stands for Fabulously Entertaining TV with a Canine Host!.

It will debut in 2006 and blend live action and animation (a la Buster) in a story about an animated dog host--Ruff Ruffman--who sends real-live kids on various errands, from training a cat for a TV commercial to exposing urban myths.

“We think the time is right to explore the untapped potential of the hugely popular reality television genre – and poke a little fun at it, too," says executive producer Kate Taylor.

But behind the fun "is a curriculum that highlights science and math, offering a hands-on, minds-on approach to learning." The National Science Foundation is a major funder.

The Bush administration has made it clear that it thinks PBS' educational Kids shows should be curriculum-based programs.