Paxson calls for separate spectrum auctions


On Wednesday, Paxson Communications Corp. urged the Federal Communications Commission to separate the auctions of
frequencies now used for channels 52 through 59 and 60 through 69.

Bidding for both spectrum bands is now scheduled for June 19.

Although plans for the auctioning the upper-channel tier have long been set,
details for the lower tier were issued only Jan. 24.

"It is not difficult to predict that prospective bidders will want additional
planning time despite the presence, as before, of a statutory deadline," Paxson

Paxson, which holds 18 licenses on the 60-through-69 band, said negotiations with
wireless companies for buyouts that will pay broadcasters for leaving the
spectrum early will be disrupted if the lower tier of channels forces a delay in
the auction.

Although the 52-through-59 band auction has just been scheduled, bidding for the
upper channels has been delayed five times.