Paxson, Boeing Test VBI Delivery in L.A.


Paxson Communications Corp. chairman Bud Paxson revealed at a congressional hearing that he has been working with The Boeing Co. to test a system of delivering voice, video and data information on the vertical-blanking interval of Paxson's Los Angeles stations -- a system he said could be used by first responders to coordinate emergency communications.

Paxson was arguing against a proposed bill that would set a hard date of Jan. 1, 2007, for the taking back of digital spectrum for emergency communications from broadcasters, including 10 Paxson stations. Paxson is the largest owner of stations in the 60-69 channel swath of the 700 MHZ band at issue.

Paxson called the bill an "illegal taking of our rights." He said that a bill to promote the transition should instead mandate multicast must-carry and direct the FCC to search for more spectrum in other frequencies outside ch. 60-69.