Pax Puts Gannon on Polygraph


PAX TV may be cutting back on original programming, but at least one original series still on the schedule is putting a couple of high-profile figures in the hot seat.

On original series, Lie Detector, Jeff Gannon, the conservative blogger whose softball questions and run of the White House press room became a national story, hooks himself up to a polygraph to try and prove he is an independent journalist rather than a tool of the Bush administration.

But wait, there's more. The May 31 8-9 broadcast will also feature Steve Gardner, a member of John Kerry's Swift Boat crew who claims Kerry falisfied documents. He, too, will hook up to a lie detector to try and lend credence to his claims.

Hosted by Rolonda Watts, the series is produced by the cutely named Mark Phillips Philms & Telephision.