Pauley gets pickups


More than one year before the show's launch, NBC Enterprises has scored its first major clearances for The Jane Pauley Show, although all are in-house.

WNBC-TV New York, KNBC-TV Los Angeles and KNSD-TV San Diego have picked up the show for early fringe, with Los Angeles and San Diego agreeing to 3 p.m. slots for fall 2004.

In Los Angeles, that pits Pauley directly against Oprah on KABC-TV, but teams the show up with Dr. Phil at 4 p.m., which NBC Enterprises president Ed Wilson thinks will be to Pauley's advantage.

NBC is also close to closing deals for the show in Chicago; Washington, D.C.; and Dallas. In all three, Pauley could wind up on non-NBC-owned stations, according to Wilson.