Paul Stanley KISSes Analog Good Bye

Sans makeup, rocker flips off Charlotte

Station execs are, for the most part, breathing a sigh of relief as they shut off analog signals and face a manageable level of calls from displaced viewers. WCCB Charlotte even had some fun with the switch this morning, as the station tapped none other than KISS guitarist Paul Stanley to do the honors.

Stanley was in town for an art exhibit, and stopped by the Bahakel Communications Fox affiliate during its Fox News Rising program. As the show ended at 8 a.m., so too did analog broadcasting for WCCB. The anchors counted down from 10, and Stanley flipped the switch. “It was historic,” Stanley told (digital) viewers seconds later.

Station Manager Jim White says call volume at the station has been very light. Over at the WCCB call center, he says there’s been less than 100 calls thus far Friday—the majority about technical issues with boxes and antennas, not people wondering why their Fox station was suddenly blank. “It’s not been overwhelming,” he says. “The Charlotte market had decent exposure [to the analog shutoff].”