Panasonic Powers Comcast 'Holiday Spectacular'

Panasonic P2 HD camcorder used to shoot festive footage for giant LED display at Comcast's Philadelphia HQ.

Hi-def production pioneer David Niles used a Panasonic P2 HD camcorder to shoot festive footage for Comcast, which has been showing a 15-minute "Holiday Spectacular" on the giant LED screen in the public lobby of its Philadelphia headquarters.

Holiday video segments including a big-band dance number on the Philadelphia Art Museum steps, an ice-skating musical number and footage of a recurring "maestro" character were captured by Niles with an AJ-HPX3000 native 1080p one-piece P2 HD camcorder for the holiday show, which runs daily on the hour through Jan. 1 at the Comcast Center in Center City.

Niles had previously used an HPX3000 camcorder to shoot "The Comcast Experience" video art installation for Comcast's giant screen in conjunction with the Comcast Center's opening last June. The LED screen in the Comcast lobby measures 80 feet by 30 feet and has 10 million pixels.

“The lobby screen has 10 million pixels – but a life-size person who appears on the screen doesn’t require 10 million pixels for video capture, two million suffice,” said Niles in a statement. “Thus, the HPX3000, with its 2.2-megapixel CCDs, gave us a 1:1 pixel ratio and, consequently, an utterly photorealistic effect when shooting the actors for the video. That was the paramount reason I chose the Panasonic camera.”