Panasonic Kicks Off 3D TV Roll Out At Best Buy

Stage NYC launch of first FullHD 3D TVs

New York - Panasonic and Best Buy staged an elaborate send-off Wednesday at the retailer's Union Square outlet for the launch of Panasonic's first FullHD 3D TVs.

Best Buy 3DTV"Best Buy's Mike Vitelli (left) and Panasonic's Shiro Katajima (right) attend to Brad and Ashley Katsuyama as they make a purchase of the first Panasonic FullHD 3D Blu-ray system in front of dozens of press photographers and TV crews at the Union Square Best Buy store in New York City."
The event, which drew a media circus, included officials for Panasonic, Best Buy, and Panasonic's content partners DirecTV and Fox Home Entertainment. As an event capper, Best Buy completed the sale of the first Panasonic FullHD 3D plasma TV system to Brad and Ashley Katsuyama, a local couple who work in the financial industry.

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