PanAmSat Adds Birds


PanAmSat has struck a deal with Alcatel that will allow the satellite company expand its European, Middle East, Africa, and Asia services with the purchase of one satellite and two orbital slots.

Joe Wright, PanAmSat CEO, says the acquisition of Europe*Star will give PanAmSat customers better access to Europe, while the orbital slots address the fastest-growing satellite segments: the Middle East and Africa.

Some of the services the new European bird will enable? Expect direct-to-home satellite, HDTV, and On-Demand satellite services to expand in that market.

It also will support digital satellite news gathering throughout Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, India, and South East Asia.

PanAmSat customers include A&E, BET, Bloomberg, CNN, ESPN, Fox, HBO, Discovery, DirecTV, MTV, Lifetime, Reuters, and TBS

The company wouldn't disclose the terms for the deal, but says the new bird could add $15 million a year in profits.