Paintball story misses mark


The widely televised story of men paying big bucks to hunt naked women
with paintballs in the Las Vegas area was discredited last week by Las Vegas
officials, including Mayor Oscar Goodman, who said the station had been scammed
in a businessman’s effort to sell videotapes.

KLAS-TV reporter LuAnne Sorrell, who first reported the story earlier in the
month, acknowledged late last week that the event may have been staged for

In a report that was posted at the station's Web site
( ), she said, "A
video shoot that Eyewitness News was invited to three weeks ago did involve a
naked woman getting shot by a paintball," and the young woman even told the
news crew that it hurt more than expected and left a real mark.

The original July 14 report warned viewers that its content might be
offensive to some, but in spite of (or perhaps because of) such advisories, the
story spread over print, broadcast and cable news.

Neither Sorrell nor the station's news director could be
reached Friday for further comment.