O'Reilly a Nonfactor on Daily Show


Did you see The Daily Show’s outrageous bit about Bill O’Reilly? We didn’t, either. That’s because Jon Stewart didn’t do one.

He hasn’t uttered so much as a single falafel joke since moralizing talk show host O’Reilly and Fox News were smacked with a titillating suit.
Leno and Letterman made up for the loss, feasting on the explicit allegations about O’Reilly engaging in phone sex. They even made jokes Monday night about him calling Martha Stewart in prison. But not a peep from Stewart, who can usually be counted on to skewer media figures with glee.
The silence is deafening. Is it because Stewart and O’Reilly have become pals after appearing on each other’s shows? Or do TheDaily Show’s frat-house writing sessions make O’Reilly’s problems too hot to handle?
A Comedy Central rep dismisses such speculation, saying that with the election so close, The Daily Show is focusing on the campaign.