O'Reilly grills top cable execs


Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly used a Los Angeles forum with top cable
network executives for some fun, and he threw out a few hard questions, as well.

O'Reilly, who moderated the Hollywood Radio and Television Society event
Tuesday, went right after Home Box Office programming president Chris Albrecht and asked "if
there isn't a line the network won't cross" in terms of sex and violence on the

Albrecht, one of six cable-programming chiefs on the panel, responded,
"Certainly I think we are way below real life ... We never think about those kinds
of things, we try to entrust the vision of our shows with the people that create
them. Once in a while, we question something they might choose to think about or
do, but we trust them. It's not our interest to shock."

Albrecht said HBO has no official guidelines for producers and writers.

O'Reilly followed by asking MTV Entertainment president Brian Graden about
his network's solicit music videos and if he was proud of former MTV: Music Television series

"Yes," Graden simply replied.

He then went after Showtime Networks Inc.'s Jerry Offsay and his network's Queer as

"Is there anything you won't do on that program?" O'Reilly asked Offsay.

"We have what we think are bounds of good taste at our network, and we have a
lot of movies on our air that are edgy, and we usually try to keep our original
programming to roughly approximately what our subscribers get out of our edgiest
theatricals," Offsay said.

On the fun side, O'Reilly asked the panelists what show from rival networks
(broadcast or cable) they would steal for their own:

Albrecht: Late Night with David Letterman
Graden: Comedy Central's
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Offsay: Friends

USA Network president Doug Herzog
said CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Comedy Central's Bill Hilary said Fox's The
, and FX Entertainment president Kevin Reilly said he would take
HBO's The Sopranos or "anything from that network."