Oprah, TV's 'Greatest American'


In case you missed it, Oprah was the only pure TV name, and the only living celebrity, to make Discovery Channel's top Top 25 Greatest Americans of all time.

She beat out fellow talk show hosts Dr. Phil and Martha Stewart for the honor.

The channel is counting down to the top American in a series of TV specials for summer.

For those keeping track (and who isn't?), the list included eight Presidents, 3 women, four African Americans, four scientists/inventors, and 2 sports heroes.

No journalists (or even writers, for that matter) made the cut, which was voted on earlier this year by over 500,000 people online.

Voting is now reopened (at www.discovery.com) for the top 25, with the countdown continuing every Sunday in June.

Following is the list, which Discovery has alphabetized by first name ("We thought that looking people up by their first name makes the list a little more casual and friendly," said a Discovery spokeswoman).

Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Benjamin Franklin
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates
Billy Graham
Bob Hope
Eleanor Roosevelt
Elvis Presley
Franklin D. Roosevelt
George W. Bush
George Washington
Henry Ford
John F. Kennedy
Lance Armstrong
Martin Luther King Jr.
Muhammad Ali
Neil Alden Armstrong
Oprah Winfrey
Ronald Reagan
Rosa Parks
Thomas Alva Edison
Thomas Jefferson
Walt Disney
Wright Brothers