‘Oprah' Finale is Top Five Online Event of 2011

Reports says talk show ender tops ‘Idol' finale in discussion volume

The Oprah Winfrey Show
finale on May 25 was the fifth-largest online event of 2011, ranked by raw
volume of discussion online within a three-day window.

According to a report from media measurement firm General
Sentiment released Friday, the Oprah
finale ranked behind Osama bin Laden's death, the Royal Wedding, the Super Bowl
and the Oscars by total amount of discussion online in social media, news media
and beyond.

Oprah's last show
topped the conversation around the American
finale, the Idol premiere,
the Glee finale, Dancing With the Stars finale and The Office finale, which represent the sixth through 10th
biggest online events of 2011 so far.

But when taking each event's involvement score into account
(the firm's measure of how interested audiences are in a given topic), the
Royal Wedding jumps into first place and the American Idol finale edges out the Oprah finale for the fifth spot, bumping Oprah to sixth place. The involvement score metric gives extra
weight to positive discussion and mentions from sources with higher exposure
and conversation in social media.

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