Open Mike


A One-Way Ticket?

Editor: Concerning the picture of the anti-war protester on the front page of your March 24 issue: I can get a dozen people who would be more than happy to buy the person holding the sign a ticket to any country she chooses and I will stand at the head of the line.

Steve McNeal, director of engineering, Daystar Television Network

Bad Advice

I write not only as someone opposed to the illegal war against Iraq conducted by our illegitimate president, but also as a protestor. A survey conducted by Frank Magid & Associates suggests that protests turn off viewers. Does democracy turn off viewers? Do our constitutional rights to assemble turn off viewers? Does the fact that we have alienated almost all of our former allies turn on viewers? Does the fact that the administration has ruined our nation's finances turn on viewers? As a former reporter, it's my opinion that advice such as that purveyed here by Magid has helped to reduce American journalism to the widespread state of disrespect in which it's currently held.

Jon Krampner, Los Angeles

KTVU Is No. 1

Editor: As a proud KTVU(TV) [Oakland, Calif.] alumnus, it irks me every time that I see an article in the trades about which San Francisco television station won the all-important 11 p.m. news battle ["KPIX-TV Is S.F. Sweeps Victor," 3/3, p. 2]

Why is it worth headlines to write about who is the No. 2 late newscast in the market? KTVU's 10 p.m. newscast consistently outdelivers the viewership of the stations that air at 11 and earns the title of highest-viewed late newscast in the market, regardless of when it specifically airs.

Additionally, your lack of mentioning KTVU appeared even stranger, considering that you highlighted Kevin O'Brien's accomplishments later in that same issue. He is the one who brought KTVU to its dominant position.

Scott Sanders, general manager, WRLH-TV/WTVZ-TV, Richmond, Va.