Open Mike



EDITOR: How many times over the years have we had occasion to thank you for sounding the alarm about government intrusion into program content!

BROADCASTING & CABLE's brilliantly reasoned editorial (June 11) about the FCC's extraordinary interest in the expurgated version of an Eminem song is only the most recent manifestation of the continuing relevance and incalculable value of your influential publication. ...

Only BROADCASTING & CABLE has kept its eye firmly fixed on the ball (read: First Amendment). ...

One might only wish that NAB, our national trade association, heard the same "music." Why, I wonder, must we always leave it to you—and other entities like The Media Institute—to make the case for us?

Thank you—from every musician, performer, disk jockey, communicator, broadcaster and listener. Also, every citizen of the republic.

William O'Shaughnessy, chairman, Whitney Radio WVOX and WRTN, Westchester, New York