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Editor’s note: At NATPE last week, now-retired CNN founder Ted Turner made headlines when he compared Fox News Channel’s popularity to Adolf Hitler’s and called Fox News a propaganda channel for the Bush administration. After the item appeared on B&C’s Web site, reader reaction poured in. Here’s a sample:

Fun To See Turner 'Squirm’

Editor: I just read about Ted Turner’s incendiary comments, and I am a bit confused. I would have thought he would have compared himself to Adolf Hitler, given the Gestapo tactics he used in building his media empire. It sure is fun to watch the liberal media squirm and founder. I’ve had about enough of liberal politicians and media moguls who would hand our national sovereignty on a platter to the United Nations.

Mike Butler, Jackson, TN

Editor: Poor Ted. He is really losing it with his hatred and jealousy of Fox. Ted’s temper tantrum is great advertising for Fox News. This is a perfect example of why so many Americans are leaving the far-left liberal media behind for Fox. Not an intelligent or smart move for Ted. Pretty funny, watching so many of his type acting like 2-year-olds. Keep it up. It is great entertainment.

Pat Giuffra

Editor: Ted Turner is entitled to his opinion of Fox News being a conservative propaganda instrument. He should be reminded that news reporting is not defined [by the way] his failing Clinton News Network (CNN) approach advocated. As a conservative, I used to watch CNN for my news updates until their opinions drove me away from their then-version of news reporting. Report the news and not opinions, and I’ll be back.

Duane Steil

Tell Ted I Love Him

I loved Ted Turner’s comparison of Fox to Hitler. Could you please forward this e-mail to Ted Turner? Ted, I am begging you to somehow start a cable channel that will be the exact opposite of Fox. While people get most of their news these days from television ... since CNN went “Fox lite,” we have no voice on the television airwaves. None. I speak for half the country.

Karin Dicker, Los Angeles