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The 'SNL’ Funny Nose Job

Editor: You mentioned in Flash! (“The 'Saturday Night Live’ Nose for News,” March 21, page 6) that no one had yet filed a complaint regarding the show [in which David Spade’s nose was fit by makeup artists to look like a penis]. For your records, I filed a complaint regarding the episode. Yes, I understand SNL is going for the shock value and an “I can’t believe they went there” type of reaction—but it’s simply inappropriate. My wife and I don’t care to see that. Plus, if you read what violates FCC guidelines, the “implant” is clearly in violation of that rule.

Tony May, Mayday Media, Inc. Atlanta

Editor: SNL considers itself (as does NBC) a “cutting edge” comedy. If SNL really wants to push the entertainment humor envelope, they should try being funny. That would be unique. Over the many celebrated years past, Lorne Michaels’ only success has become less funny and more crude.

Perhaps the media should be creative and clever and begin to apply a new category to TV entertainment. We have drama, reality, comedy—how about crude? [This is] a better solution to ratings, parental guides, etc., than anyone has come up with so far. Utilizing this nomenclature, those who want crude can tune in—while those who want comedy have the opportunity to keep searching.

The fact that the FCC received no complaints is probably less an indicator that few were offended, and more of a clue that few were watching.

Richard Brown (Received via e-mail)