Open Mike


Those Liberals at CBS

Editor: Regarding “Mr. Heyward Goes to Washington” (Jan. 3, page 11), why are Mr. Heyward, Mr. Rather and other people responsible for the 60 Minutes debacle even employed by CBS at this late date? It clearly shows that CBS has no respect for their viewing public or for the truth.

I am not a supporter of Mr. Bush, but I do believe in truth, honesty and respect. Too bad CBS does not.

Christine Fix

Editor: After 40 years of liberal bias, CBS fair and balanced? Horse----!

Ron Mabra

Hebron, Texas

Editor: Oh right! Who would ever think that CBS had a vendetta against the White House? Perish the thought.

Robert Allshouse

The Bush Conspiracy

Editor: You do not cross a Bush and survive. From what I understood, Rather [once] asked the elder Bush a question that he did not like. Now Bush Jr. was having a difficult time with his National Guard record. So what would be a better time for Karl Rove to leak a memo to Dan and then howl to the media? Guess what? It got the media off Bush’s National Guard record and got rid of Dan at the same time.

Mission accomplished.

Carrie L. Davis

Gaffney, S.C.

Simon Is Right

Samuel A. Simon made an excellent point in his letter (Open Mike, Jan. 3, page 40) supporting public comment to the FCC. [Simon disagreed with a B&C editorial criticizing mass e-mails by organized watchdog groups.]

E-mail is a way to quickly criticize. To believe a duplicate form letter sent by e-mail is not a part of democracy is folly ...

Some radio owners have moved their city-of-license studios to a metro location miles away. They are no longer required by the FCC to concern themselves with their “forgotten cities.” Ascertainment is voluntary. All the more reason that a change should be made through the localism hearings scheduled this year.

Bill Wippel

Normandy Park, Wash.

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