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CNN Is Slanted, Not Fox

Editor: I no longer watch CNN. Likewise my sister. Along with many
others. If I want to hear the news, I go to Fox. I no longer watch ABC, CBS or
NBC or CNN ["Parsons: 'Crazy People' at Fox News," 8/9, page 2].

Those four [channels] only give the version of the news that they want
us to hear. I prefer to hear all the news and then decide what I want to accept
as fact.

I watched Clinton's [impeachment] hearings, then would listen to the CNN
reporters give their version of what had been said only to find that they had
twisted the facts. That woke me up to the realization that I did not want to
continue with their version of the news. When my cable would not [offer] Fox, I

I would like to state that I still have the same opinions that I always
had when I was considered a moderate.

I would vote for the person I thought was best, Republican or Democrat.
Now I will never vote for a Democrat. They no longer are led by Democrats but
by Socialists. Instead, if I do not like the Republican I just do not vote for
that office. I never moved to the right, they moved the bar to the left.

Tell Mr. Parsons he had best wake up and smell the coffee burning.

Patricia Hill, (Received via e-mail)

Editor: Regarding your article in BROADCASTING & CABLE , you are
totally wrong. Fox News is fair and balanced reporting. You shall know the
truth, and the truth shall set you free. You are not telling the truth. CNN
should have its broadcasting license revoked. [It endangered] our servicemen's
and -women's lives in Iraq in giving out exact positions during the Iraq war.
CNN stands for the Communist Nazi Network. They are truly the enemy within. Fox
News has been ahead of CNN and MSNBC combined. Stop telling everyone lies.

William Scott, (Received via

Editor: The Time Warner Chairman Dick Parsons is "crazy." CNN is very
liberal. That is why I switched to Fox. You get both sides and not one side
slanting to the left all the time. There are enough channels like ABC, NBC,
CBS, NPR and PBS that are so far to the left I think I'm in France.

Laura Foster, (Received via e-mail)

Editor: I read the article about crazy people exchanging views on Fox.
The last time I looked, this was still a free country, and we don't get 100
lashes for disagreeing with the likes of Dick Parsons. (I knew there was a good
reason not to watch CNN.)

Julia Howell, (Received via

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