Online Job-Seekers Turn to Comedy

Scarborough Research poll: 62% of those who looked for job online during past month typically watched TV comedies.
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Online job-seekers are apparently looking for something to laugh about, but not divine guidance, as they beat the online pavement.

According to a new Scarborough Research poll of people who looked for a job online during the past month, 62% said they typically watched TV comedies (compared with 49% of a national sample), second only to movies (64% versus 57% for the national sample).

By contrast, only 10% said they watched religious TV shows (12% for the general population), the lowest percentage for any of the English-language categories.

Other popular genres with the job hunters were local evening news (48%), morning news (43%), sports and TV dramas (41% each) and mystery/crime shows (40%).

At the other end of the scale were daytime soaps (12%), daytime talk shows (14%) and newsmagazines (12%), although in some cases, those were higher than the national average.