Olds: Women's Summit 'a keeper'


Katz Media Group CEO Stu Olds said "superb" feedback from its first sold-out Women's Career Summit (held in New York Wednesday) means it is likely to be an annual event.

"While the advertising industry and Katz Media are widely populated by women, the majority remain at the middle-management level, unable to break through into running a division with true bottom-line accountability or board-of-director visibility," Olds told Broadcasting & Cable.

Noting that Katz has made progress, with a 60 percent female staff, two female presidents and two general sales managers, "there are still issues about working mothers, advanced communication skills, branding oneself as a leader and other very dual concerns of professional women seeking a life-work balance," he said.

Olds was especially pleased at the 300-plus turnout despite terrorist alerts and a war. "Many attendees shared the notion with us that 'in times like these' it's even more important for women to have a greater voice in their offices, a greater opportunity to attain leadership positions," he added.