Official Departure


Another appointee of departing Federal Trade Commission chairman Tim Muris is following his boss out the door. Todd Zywicki, director of the office of policy planning, will leave July 29 to return to George Mason University Law School as a professor, where Muris is also expected to teach.

As reported earlier, Howard Beales, director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, will leave Aug. 6. He will also return to academe as an associate professor at George Washington University.

Zywicki has headed up plans and policy since May 2003. He oversaw efforts related to over-the-counter drug advertising and qualified health claims for foods. Maureen Ohlhausen, deputy director of planning, will become the office's acting director.
No word on when Chairman Muris will exit, though he has said it will be in the summer. Deborah Majoras, a former Department of Justice antitrust attorney who now works for law firm Jones Day, has been nominated by President Bush but has yet to be confirmed. With the Senate gone until after Labor Day, the President could make her a recess appointee.