The Office's Mashup Mania on YouTube


NBC is a big fan of user-generated content. But the "user" part still makes them a bit uneasy.

Since inviting fans of its comedy The Office to post their own promo spots to video-sharing site YouTube over the summer, the network has largely indulged the "mashups" that litter the site, including those celebrating the romance between the show’s characters Pam and Jim. Except one.

While most are treacly music-video tributes to the characters’ unrequited love, "Pam & Jim Uncensored" edits in dialogue that lets the two cut to the chase in frankly sexual terms that we won’t even attempt to paraphrase here. The clip was posted in September; this month, NBC asked the site to remove it.

Network executives were unavailable to comment, but Office Executive Producer Ben Silverman says he enjoys the creative efforts of the show’s fans.

"Oh yeah, I see them all the time. They’re hysterical," he says, although he hasn’t seen the yanked clip.

Noting that he and his colleagues considered "seeding the Internet" with their own mashups, Silverman says, "We definitely could not have seeded something like that one."