O'Connell's Det. Woody Gets Around


Like time travel, reshuffling a fall schedule can have un­intended consequences.

So NBC learned when last week’s shake-up put Crossing Jordan and Las Vegas back to back on Fridays.

The problem concerns the Jordan character Det. Woody Hoyt and his recurring appearances on Vegas, most recently in its season finale.

A little synergy between shows never hurt, especially for fans of actor Jerry O’Connell. But when he appears on both shows’ season premieres this fall, NBC will have to find a way to explain how Woody can be in Jordan’s Boston setting at 8 p.m. and in Vegas at 9.

"No one actually thought of it until I brought it up," says Vegas executive producer Gary Scott Thompson. "I said to the network, ‘That’s not a reason not to move the show, obviously. I’m just pointing it out.’ The network said, ‘We’ll figure it out later.’"

SPOILER ALERT! Woody has an evil robot twin. You heard it here first.