OBrien Heads NCTC & M


The National Cable Television Center and Museum, in Denver, has appointed James B. O'Brien president and CEO. He replaces Marvin Jones, who had served in an interim capacity since 1999. NCTC & M, which has dedicated itself to documenting and translating the contributions of cable telecommunications, will officially open its doors in 2001.

Layoffs at wlfi-tv

Seventeen full- and part-time employees at WLFI-TV Lafayette, Ind., have lost their jobs in a consolidation that has seemed inevitable since WISH-TV Indianapolis-owner LIN TV took over the nearby station in April. Although WLFI-TV is in a separate market-the only station, in fact, in DMA 194-it is only miles away from Indianapolis. The terminations end Mike Piggott's 16-year career at the station, which included stints as news director and, most recently, general manager, although LIN regional Vice President Scott Blumenthal said LIN is "leaving the door open on a future relationship with Mike. Mike was instrumental in making that station what it is today."