Eugne Katz, former chairman of Katz Media Group, and grandson of founder Emmanuel Katz, died March 28, at the age of 93. Katz entered the family business, a media and sales marketing firm, in 1929 and, despite the difficulties during the Depression, expanded the company's newspaper business into radio markets. By 1940, the company had acquired 40 radio stations. In 1952, he was appointed to the position of president and took over as chairman after his father, George Katz, died in 1970. Eugene Katz is credited with the smooth transition of the family-owned Katz Media Group into an employee-owned company. He retired in 1972 but devoted himself to volunteer work at Planned Parenthood of New York, where he ultimately became chair of the international committee, president and chair of the board of directors, and honorary board member. He is survived by his wife, Zeborah Schachtel; his children, Barbara Eisold, Daniel and John; seven grandchildren; and five great grandchildren.