Obama Presser Draws 18.8 Million Across Three Networks 

Fox wins the night with 'Idol', 'Lie To Me' 

President Obama's primetime press conference Wednesday averaged 18.8 million viewers across the three broadcast networks that aired it. That number was down from the 29.5 million that tuned in on the four broadcast networks for the Mar. 24 presser. Wednesday night's conference earned a 4.7/15 rating in the 18-49 demo and a 12.4/7 in households across ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Fox, which chose not air the press conference, did not see improved ratings to Lie To Me, though the network did have the highest rating of the hour due to audiences splintering across the three networks that ran Obama.

At 8 Lie To Me earned a 2.4/7 and 7.8 million viewers. The CW finished second at 1.8/6 for America's Next Top Model. The press conference audience totals were roughly equal across ABC, CBS, and NBC. ABC and CBS earned 1.6/5 ratings and 6.1 million and 6.7 million viewers respectively. CBS earned a 1.5/5 with 6.0 million viewers.

Fox built on its lead at 9 with American Idol pulling a 7.5/19 with 21.8 million viewers. ABC's Lost was next at 3.9/10. CBS was third with a 3.3/8 for Criminal Minds. NBC's Law & Order: SVU pulled in a 1.3/3. The CW finished fifth at 0.6/1 for a re-run of 90210.

CBS took the top spot at 10 with CSI: NY earned a 3.2/9 with 12.5 million viewers. NBC's Law & Order was next at 2.2/6. The Unusuals on ABC earned a 1.7/5.

On the night Fox finished first at 5.0/14 with 14.9 million viewers. CBS was next at 2.6/7 followed closely by ABC at 2.4/7. NBC was fourth at 1.7/5. The CW finished fifth with a 1.2/3.