Obama, McCain Tape Army Wives Spots

Presumptive Presidential Nominees Featured in Lifetime Television Spots that Salute Military Families, Promote Season Premiere

Sens. and presumptive presidential nominees Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) taped on-air spots for Lifetime Television that both salute military families and promote the upcoming premiere of the new season of Army Wives.

The 30-second spots, each opening with a teaser for the show, will begin airing Wednesday and continue through Sunday’s new-season premiere of the show, which deals with the women behind the soldiers. It is Lifetime's highest-rated series ever.

The promos will also look to drive Web surfers to myLifetime.com, with the candidates pointing out that the site is where viewers can get more information on how to help military families.

Following are excerpts from the spots supplied by Lifetime.

McCain: “Army Wives has a lot of great twists and turns. I know because Cindy makes me watch with her, and we're looking forward to season two. But the show also sheds light on the strength and sacrifice of our nation's military families. As we honor and cherish the sacrifices made by those who have served our nation, we should also honor those who are currently in harm's way, defending our freedom, and the brave families that await their safe return … To all men and women serving in our armed forces, to their families and to our veterans: You are the best Americans, and our best efforts to honor our debts to you will fall far short of what you have given and what you deserve.”

Obama: “I know you all are waiting to see what happens this season on Army Wives. But I just wanted to take a moment to honor the people this show is about. Army Wives tells a story that's being lived by families across this country -- by loved ones who are counting the days until the next R&R; by young children whose parents have been deployed so many times they barely know them; by parents who sit by the phone, waiting anxiously for their son or daughter to call; and by all who mourn the loss of one of America's fallen heroes … our entire nation owes our troops and those who love them our abiding gratitude -- for their service, their courage and for the sacrifice they make each day on our behalf.”