Obama Leaves Hole In Primetime Roadblock

Barack Obama's campaign passes on ABC primetime ad-buy.

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Barack Obama’s planned broadcast roadblock during primetime Wednesday will not include ABC, as the Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign has decided to pass on buying airtime on the network. ABC will instead air a new episode of Pushing Daisies.

The Obama campaign has purchased ad time on Oct. 29 on CBS, NBC, Fox, and Univision; each is scheduled to air a 30-minute “closing argument” infomercial from Sen. Obama at 8:00 p.m. Fox had agreed to push back the

start of game six of the World Series

. However, since

MLB is delaying the completion

of game five due to weather conditions until Wednesday night, the remainder of that game will now follow the Obama half hour. 

The Obama campaign has not completely ignored the network, however, having two ad slots with the network that aired October 20 and 22 during World News With Charles Gibson for a reported $138,000 each.


Obama's Media Blitz

Democratic presidential nominee plans appearances on 'The Daily Show,' 'Rachel Maddow Show' and 'ABC World News' to go along with broadcast ad buy Wednesday.

35.5 Million Watch Obama Ad

Sen. Barack Obama's 30-minute "closing argument" infomercial boosted NBC, Fox and CBS into the top three slots for the time period. ABC followed with Pushing Daisies.