NYC TV Week: Fox Television Looks For Partners Overseas

Chairmen and CEOs defend pilots, development process

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Dana Walden, chairman and CEO of 20th Century Fox Television, said she hopes the coming year will see a focus on international and Fox expanding production partnerships around the world.

She praised the "great work" being done at BSkyB and Sky Italia in Italy, Channel 4 in the U.K and elsewhere. "We want in. We want our shows to have global appeal baked into their DNA," she said Tuesday at NYC Television Week. "We’re looking for opportunities."

Walden and Chairman and CEO Gary Newman also defended the much-maligned traditional television development process. Newman told moderator Melissa Grego, editor-in-chief of Broadcasting & Cable, that pilots – versus straight to series - are often crucial.

"Pilots are probably the best R&D experience that we have. (You can see) is this the right cast? Did this come together? If you bypass that and go straight to 13" episodes, he said, there's a risk that halfway through you'd say maybe this isn't working. "I wouldn't want to see anyone throw out the baby with the bathwater."