NY Nonstop Shows Get WNBC Premiere

Digital channel's programs move up to big stage during quiet week
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For the first time
since the digital channel NY Nonstop launched in March 2009, some Nonstop
programs will run on the mother channel, WNBC, from Sept. 7-10.

The shows, including Talk Stoop, Thread NY and Nonstop Foodies,
will run from 2 to 4 p.m. during those four days. WNBC is taking advantage of a
lull in the schedule, when some syndicated shows have ended and the new season
is yet to begin.

"It's a great
opportunity during a dark week between syndicated products," says WNBC VP of
News Susan Sullivan. "We thought, why not take advantage of it?"

WNBC is the lone NBC
Local Media outlet with a Nonstop digital channel, though the group does plan
to expand the concept. KNBC may be the next to launch.

Former WNBC President/General
Manager Tom O'Brien was running the Nonstop division for a short stint, until
he moved to CNBC last month.

WNBC began promoting
the Nonstop shows' channel 4 debut this week. Anchor David Ushery will serve as
host of the Nonstop block on WNBC.