NTIA Updates National Broadband Map

Interactive database, updated every six months, shows where high-speed broadband services are available

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration has updated its national broadband map, an interactive map that uses data from almost 1,800 broadband providers, updated every six months, to show where high-speed broadband service is available.

NTIA points out that anyone who sees inaccuracies, or can confirm accuracies, in the map can use a crowdsourcing feature to let them know.

It is the second update, the first coming last September.

The map is a co-production of NTIA and the FCC, with NTIA updating it twice yearly, using some 20 million records.

The map includes a feature that creates "snapshots" of "individual broadband providers, showing where they offer service, what speeds they offer, and how much of the country -- or of a particular state or county -- they cover."