NTIA Launches Low Power Television and Translator Digital Upgrade Program

$44 million available for low-power stations making digital transition

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration has announced the launch of the Low Power Television and Translator Digital Upgrade Program.

NTIA has $44 million available to help low-power TV stations make the transition to digital. Those stations were not required to pull the plug on analog on June 12 along with full-power stations.

The program reimburses licensees for equipment upgrades and replacement equipment.

Stations can get up to $6,000 to modify existing analog equipment or up to $20,000 to replace equipment, starting with either nonprofits or those serving rural areas with fewer than 10,000 viewers.

Stations that meet either of those priority designations have until July 13 to apply. The rest of the stations can then apply.

NTIA already has a program under which low-powers could get $1,000 for a device that converts a digital signal to analog.