NTIA Hands Out First Four State Broadband Mapping Grants

Strickling lauds four states proposals as "fiscally prudent" and "model for others"

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration has handed out its first four grants for state broadband mapping.

California got $2.8 million, Indiana got $1.3 million, North Carolina got $2.035 million and Vermont $1.2.

"The four award recipients submitted well-formed proposals that are both fiscally prudent and serve as a model for others," said NTIA chief Larry Strickling.

The goal is "to collect and verify the availability, speed, and location of broadband across those states," with the first data available in November 2009 and data collection continuing through 2011. NTIA must produce a national map by Feb. 17, 2011 per the stimulus package legislation.

The applicants are required to match 20% of their respective funds.

NTIA has up to $350 million earmarked for state broadband data mapping and development grants. Announcements will come on a rolling basis throughout the fall and will work with states toward the goal of having every state qualify for the money, said an NTIA spokesperson.