NTIA Grants $1.4 Million in Broadband Mapping Money

West Virginia Geological Survey on receiving end of funds

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration has handed out $1.4 million in broadband mapping money, this time to West Virginia.

The money is from the stimulus program and will go toward data for an interactive national broadband map that has to be ready for public inspection on Feb. 17, 2011.

The funds will go to The West Virginia Geological Survey. NTIA has about $240 million for the program, according to an NTIA spokesperson. It gave out its first approximately $7.5 million in grants earlier this month to California, Indiana, North Carolina and Vermont.

Winners have to match at least 20% of the grant with their own money.

NTIA has yet to identify the winners in the first round of bidding for over $7 billion in broadband stimulus grant/loan monies for extending broadband to underserved and underserved areas.