NTIA Awards More Broadband Mapping Funds

Has handed out another approximately $13.5 million to seven more states

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration has awarded another approximately $13.5 million in broadand mapping funds to seven more states.

That brings the total to 15 states that have gotten broadband stimulus mapping money.

NTIA has gotten applications from all 50 states, five territories and D.C.

The newest additions to the list are Alabama, IDaho, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Grantees are required to collect and verify speed and location of broadband in their states. The data will be used to create state maps as well as an interactive national map of braodband availability.

NTIA has to have that map ready by February 2011, only 15 months away.

NTIA expects to hand out about $100 million over the next two years. So far, it has given out a little over a quarter of that ($27.7 million) to its 15 grantees, according to agency spokesperson Jessica Schafer.