NRB Opposes "White Space" Bills


It was only a matter of time before religious wielders of wireless mikes weighed in on the proposed opening of the broadcast band to unlicensed wireless devices.

There are two bills in the Senate Commerce Committee that would allow those devices to operate in the "white spaces" between broadcasters DTV channels.

The National Religious Broadcasters has sent a letter asking the co-chairmen of the committee--one, Ted Stevens, sponsored one of the bills--not to go forward with them "in their present form."

NRB President Frank Wright says he is concerned about potential interference to religoius broadcasters' DTV signals, but he is also worried about the wireless microphones that braodcast prodcuers use, as do preachers to reach the back of the church.

Even some proponents of allowing the devices into the braodcast band concede there are microphone interference problems that must be resolved.

Saying government can't "fight the laws of physics," Wright argued for letting a current FCC inquiry into unlicensed devices run its course. He also pointed to IEEE, the worldwide engineering organization developing a low-interference system for unlicensed devices.


NRB Warns FCC on White Spaces

National Religious Broadcasters: Allowing unlicensed mobile devices to share spectrum band with TV stations, wireless microphones could be 'one of the greatest technical blunders in our nation's history.'