NRB: FCC Wrong to Overlook F-Word on Golden Globes


The National Religious Broadcasters Friday joined a choir of entities upset over the FCC’s shrug-off of complaints about use of the "f-word" during NBC’s Golden Globes broadcast.

The Parents Television Council has launched an electronic petition drive to get the FCC to overturn an Enforcement Bureau ruling that the Bono’s liberal use of the f-word didn’t warrant an indecency sanction against stations airing the broadcast. More than 18,000 complaints about the show have been lodged from the council’s Web site.

The NRB said the bureau’s decision that Bono’s comments were too fleeting and isolate to warrant punishment is a vast weakening of indecency rules issued by the commission in 1975. "The commissioners intended to relegate all indecent language, even fleeting indecent language, to the hours of the day when children are least likely to be in the audience," NRB told the FCC.

More than 30 members of Congress have asked the FCC to rethink its decision too. FCC rules prohibit indecent broadcasts between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., when children are most likely to be in the audience.