NRA dead-set against media dereg


Tuesday it was a bloc of Senate Commerce Committee Republicans. Now the
GOP-friendly National Rifle Association is coming out against media
deregulation, a pet project of the party.

In a bulletin titled "Media Monopoly Alert," NRA executive vice president
Wayne LaPierre is asking members to call on the Federal Communication Commission
to stop its planned relaxation of broadcast-ownership rules.

"DO THIS TODAY for the sake of your Second Amendment rights," the
missive pleads.

The NRA asserts that strict limits on media concentration are needed to
prevent "gun-hating giants like AOL Time Warner [Inc.], Viacom [Inc.]/CBS and [The Walt] Disney [Co.]/ABC from
silencing your NRA when we've needed to take our message directly to the
American people."

As evidence, LaPierre noted that the three biggest broadcast networks refused
to air a 1992 public-service announcement thanking American military personnel following the first Gulf
War even though the message didn't mention firearms or the Second Amendment.

The alert didn't mention Fox, which is also seeking deregulation of ownership
limits and employs largely conservative commentators who sometimes criticize gun